Electric installation, Home automation

ADM Elec - Electric installation, Home automation - Le Rouret - Alpes-Maritimes

Our main specialties

Electric installation for new or renovated buildings

Step one is to review your project. Step two, if not already available, is to define the number, the position and class of plugs, switches, lights.

The proposed solution takes the following factors into account: your needs, NF C 15-100 French construction rules, security against electrical accidents.

The results of this study and the quotation are free of charge.

We used good quality products from known brands such as HAGER, SCHNEIDER, and LEGRAND.

We have subscribed a decennial insurance.

Home automation

Lights, shutters, plugs, heaters, electronic appliances can be controlled either with a single touch on a wall switch, or remotely from your PC or your Smartphone.

We use products compliant with the worldwide standards KNX.

We also work with other home automation protocols, wired such as Loxone and Nikobus, radio such as Somfy, or Power Line Communication.

Project reporting

During the project execution, we can provide you with regular reports, face to face or via email.